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What ages can participate in the league? 
Ans: Our programs start at age 8 and can go up through age 16, enrollment numbers at each age grouping dependent.

When does the SRLL Baseball Season begin? 
Ans:  Our Winter/Spring Season, begins February and runs though  July.   
The Rec Season,  begins in early April and runs through Father's Day in June.   
Our Fall program starts after Labor Day and normally runs through Halloween.  

How much is it to play baseball ?  
Ans: The prices vary based on age levels and programs you choose.  Here is the simple breakdown. 
The registration fee is based per family and is a set rate of  $75 with a $50 non-volunteer fee, totally $125 per family.   
  For the Winter/Spring Baseball Training Program & Season prices range from $375 to $475 per player based on age. 
- For our Rec Program:  $20 per player. 

What is the difference between the programs? 
Ans:  The Winter/Spring Baseball Training Program that leads into our Season, is a program designed to help children develop thier skills even before they step on the field.   The training sessions starting in Febraury, ran by the President of the League, teaching the kids basic skills, like throwing the ball, catching, and feilding.   Then they move into team training at an indoor facility which is ran by the facility using thier instructors to help hone those skills on a more indepth program.   This runs from March through May.   Then Starting in April, the kids take what they learn from the program and put those skills to work during the game season.   They will end thier program with one weekend tournament paid by the league. 
The Rec Season, is much simpler.  It begins in April and runs  until Father's Day in June.  The scheduel is mostly games, with here and there practices set by the coaches.      

Are uniforms provided? 
Ans:   For Our Rec Teams: Yes, the registration fee includes a  T-shirt with their Name & Number on the Back and an SR hat.  Baseball  pants are not provided, many players obtain their own pant gear at Dick's Sporting Goods.   For our Winter/Spring Baseball Training Program, the T-shirts they recieve will be used as practice wear.   We will open a team shop where they can obtained all thier uniforms required to play.   

Is there still a workbond? 
Ans:  No,  Everyone except Coaches pay the $50 non-volunteer fee.  This fee took the place of the work bond.   This fee will be used to give parents a $15 donation into thier pocket every time they work perform duties associated with kitchen during a home game.  The only rule is you can not participate in any duties during the time your child is playing on the field.  Only two people per shift per game no limit as to how many games you can work.   

Can I volunteer to coach? 
Ans:  Absolutely!  We are always looking for new coaches.  However, there is a limit to the number of coaches per Rec Team.  The allowable amout is  one (1) head coach and (1) assistant coach.    We are happy to work with you to place you in the appropriate setting for success.

How are teams formed? 
Ans:  Those who signed up for the Baseball Training program are designated as one team.   Those who sign up for the Rec league, those teams are sperated out based on 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u and 16u.   We try to assess skill levels and strive to ensure there's parity amongst the teams in a given age bracket.   

Does the league provide player equipment? 
Ans: The league does provide some basic equipment to coaches.  This includes appropriate age balls, catcher gear at the required ages, and other equipment which may include Tee's.  Individual player helmets, gloves, bats and required safety gear such as heart guards are the individual families responsibility.  Do not spend a lot of money!  Contact any member of the league beforehand, or your child's coach, for specific questions and recommendations.

 How many days a week do the teams play? 
Ans: Each team will meet either once or twice a week.  More if the coach calls an extra practice.

What days does each division play? 
Ans: For the Baseball Training Program, they meet on Saturdays starting in Feb-March during one of Three Sessions marked out for their group.   Once we get the information from the Indoor Facality of what our Practice time will be, those days will not change from March through May.    For the Rec Program there are NO set Schedules,  and practice will be base upon field availability and coaches availablity.   It is impossible to create a set schedule during the spring rec season. 


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